Hear the chambermusic of the renaissance and baroque periods with a twist: Played by a duo, on different saxophones plus electric bassguitar. Bach's Inventions, suites by Purcell and Orlando, a canon by Hilton... the pieces of the time retain their brilliance (not even our occasional irreverent and iconoclastic treatment of them could kill that) while gaining in diversity of sound, emotional impact and sometimes, hopefully, a new perspective on their intricacies, because it may be easier for some to follow the individual parts of a piece with their sound not being as homogenous as if played, for example, on the same keyboard or by two instruments of the same kind.

So meet old favourite tunes, hear some rarelyheard gems; some strict treatments, some free adaptations, some excursions into free improvisation, some funky rhythms to go with the venerable melodies... on the raucous tenorsax, the trumpet-like c-soprano, the mellow c-melody or the mighty bass-sax in combination with the sometimes digitally enhanced five-string bass-guitar.

We frequently round off our program with some tunes from the world of folk, pop and rock music, some klezmer, some latin... which makes a nice contrast to the serious part of our concerts and makes us flexible and versatile in our endeavours: We play concerts in churches and concert halls, but also in art galleries, cafés, open air folk-dance events... and managed to fulfil even the most exotic requests for happy couples's favourite tunes for their weddings...

Ronald Gottschling on bass and Jens Bodenburg, saxophones, together known as CONSORTIUM DUELLI

Hope to see you sometimes soon!